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Download Alien Shooter (updated v 1.1.1) + Mod

Download Alien Shooter (updated v 1.1.1) + Mod

Download Alien Shooter (updated v 1.1.1) + Mod


NAME OF THE GAME: Alien Shooter 
VERSION: 1.1.1

Download links:

Original Version

Mod (Unlimited Gold Ammo)


Downloading a Mod:

1.     Find the mod you would like to download
2.     Click the "Download" Button to the left of the file**.
3.     The file will begin downloading.

OBB (DATA)/SD/ Files:

Method 1:

1.     Look for any additional instructions in the file description, for OBB/SD files. If there are none, then just follow this guide's steps.
2.     Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files.
3.     Extract the file to your sdcard.
4.     Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb

Method 2:

1.     Install the game from the Play Store.
2.     Once it has finished downloading, find the obb folder that it uses in: /sdcard/Android/obb
3.     Rename the obb folder (such as adding 1 at the end of the name).
4.     Uninstall the game.
5.     Install the modded APK.
6.     Rename the folder back to the original name.

Installing a Mod:
  1.    Go to your device's system settings. Find: Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and make sure the box is checked.
  2.   Find the modded APK you downloaded.
  3. If you downloaded it from your computer, copy it to your device. If you downloaded it from your device, move on.
  4.  Open a file explorer app (ie Solid ExplorerAstro, or ES).
  5. Navigate to where you put the APK.
  6.   Click/touch/press the file.
  7.   You will be shown the permissions the app uses, and what the app is named.
  8.    Press install.
  9. Once it has finished installing, press "Open" to open the app, or press "Done" to not open the app.